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Africa Youth Club: ABSIC gets a special visit from Daytona Sandton

Africa Youth Club: ABSIC gets a special visit from Daytona Sandton
Pupils at ABSIC School were treated to a special visit from the Daytona Brands of Distinction car dealership.

Mind Mastery: I Stared Death In the Face … And Survived

Mind Mastery: I Stared Death In the Face … And Survived
The following article appeared in People magazine on May 26, 2006. With a readership of 46.6 million people, People has the largest audience of any...


For seven years, Isaac and his wife Zeenith tried to have a baby but each attempt failed, leaving them heart-broken, depressed and disappointed. Desperately wanting a child, they turned to a social worker knowing only too well that it would be a tedious and lengthy process before their dream came true. This is the story of a man’s experience with South Africa’s adoption process and his joy of being a first-time dad.


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PERSONAL MASTERY - The Prayer of Isaac Lakhi

O CEO OF THE UNIVERSE help us to say words of truth in the face of the mighty. And to refrain from speaking ill in order to gain the applause of the weak. And do not let us accuse our adversaries of treachery because their opinions oppose ours.  


Happiness is an emotion that seems to elude many people. For centuries, people have been trying to solve the problem of finding happiness. A common expectation and excuse for being happy is that “I’ll be happy when I make my first Ten Million”, or “I’ll be happy when I find my soul mate” or “I’ll be happy when the baby comes”. During our recovery years following our car crash of January 1998 that left us with an 80% brain disability, we found that it wasn’t the lack of happiness, but rather the lack of meaning, that made us unhappy. Happiness is to be experienced, not pursued.

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PERSONAL MASTERY - The Power of Kindness

Several months after being elected as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Body Corporate at an Estate that we lived at; the gardener was having problems with his employer. He was also unhappy because one of the condo Owners was giving him a hard time, over what appeared to be peripheral issues. As a result, his productivity nosedived into freefall, which showed in his performance. As he was grossly unhappy, he rationalized emotionally and considered quitting his job.


If you are on a journey of improving relationships with yourself and others, discovering ourselves, we need to understand what our Social Style is. A Social Style is based on our personality traits and how we engage with other people. The four broad Social Style categories are Drivers, Expressives, Analyticals, and Amiables.

PERSONAL MASTERY - The Power of Networking

Most Professionals understand the power of networking and to be as creative as possible in building a massive pool of influential networks. To do this, we either formed a mastermind or became part of an existing mastermind, where could add value to the lives of others, and that added value to our lives. We also built individual networks, sometimes in unusual ways. When he heard of a personality that we desired to build a relationship with speaking at a business school or gala event, we would learn as much as we could about them, and then at the dinner, asked to interview them for inclusion in our Motivational Speaking content. With the limelight on them, they would obviously be in a good mood, and happily acceded to our request. Most people love talking about themselves, and if you play your cards right by being respectful of their position, status and time, networks can open a plethora of doors that will unlock a myriad of opportunities. We’d start the conversation with a compliment and build on it from there.


When we worked in the western hemisphere in London, we were taught to always have an opinion, about everything. A decade later while living in South East Asia, we found that forming opinions about others was rude, improper and even frowned upon. We found this fascinating, because as human beings we belong to the same species and inhabit the same planet, yet the Western hemisphere preaches one thing while the Eastern hemisphere says the opposite about the same thing. When we delved deeper, we found that the etymology of this paradox laid in the perils of backbiting and gossiping.


Most of us struggle with relationships. We did. For many years we could not understand that despite our money, power, and success, people did not respect us. The desire to be somebody and to prove a point to the world started with the following incident in high school.