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We are an experience-centric Personal development business driven by a burning passion to metamorphose Millennial and GenX lives, taking you from heedlessness to wakefulness, from ordinary to extraordinary, and from working class to world class. Our core Solution is the award-winning, awe-inspiring, and life-altering Isaac Lakhi® Mi2C Success Framework. It is built on the four Masteries of Success: Personal Mastery, Relationship Mastery, Personal Mastery, and Mind Mastery.

Let us inspire you with our proprietary, authentic, and unique content on your time, on your terms, and in your space. From your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, log onto our exciting, exclusive, and member-only live-streaming to discover our step-by-step, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-implement techniques, while in your pajamas!

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"It is individuals like you that will further help us build FNB into a great brand"

- Dr. Michael Jordaan, retired CEO of the world's most innovative Bank, FNB. First National Bank scooped this award at the annual BAI Finnacle Awards in Washington. Michael made this glowing commendation after we represented his Bank at various Parliamentary Committees for Economic Development over a period of 3 years

"I believe that Isaac’s creative approach to situations enables him to be a positive ‘change agent’ where required and endows him with the ability to be a destiny changer"

Jeanette Hobson, Faculty Head of the Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences (GIFS), made this ovation following training 12 exceptional University Graduates to become Financial Planners

"We are extremely pleased with the integrity and professionalism epitomized by Mr. Lakhi"

 Shan Bolton, Director of The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, made this comment after we program Directed an Entrepreneurial event, with the key-note address delivered by close friend of President Nelson Mandela, Dr. Ahmed Kathrada


In the acclaimed Prayer of Isaac Lakhi, we've taken the highlights from the four pillars of the ISAAC LAKHI Mi2C SUCCESS FRAMEWORK and show-cased it as the world-famous PRAYER OF ISAAC LAKHI. Click on the video below and enjoy !


As you journey through the award-winning, awe-inspiring and life-altering ISAAC LAKHI Mi2C SUCCESS FRAMEWORK WORKSHOP, we'll expertly help you craft your life goals, and once this is done, we'll turn it into a movie! But not just any movie, a VISION MOVIE! Check this out ...


When our HEARTS truly BELIEVE, there is no limit to what we can ACHIEVE, that is far beyond what our MINDS can CONCEIVE. Check out this video proving this ...


The Mi2C RETREAT is a mind-blowing, heart-stirring, and soul-soothing RETREAT that acknowledges, celebrates, and commemorates your magnificent efforts in crafting a new you! It is a lap of victory that epitomizes your triumphs, successes, and achievements! It is exclusively reserved for Lakhi777 Mentoring & Coaching Club Graduates. The Mi2C Retreat is held at our stunning lodge in Cape Town, South Africa. From 1-8 September 2022, you will have the opportunity to soak in the idyllic Cape, from its spectacular Oceans and majestic mountains to its dramatic scenery and vinelands in its winelands. Enjoy this Cape Town Travel video...


Blog posts

Mind Mastery: Do you have a Longevity Mindset?

Mind Mastery: Do you have a Longevity Mindset?

My mission is to transform the way you think—to transform your mindset around many factors, including longevity. Giving you overwhelming evidence of the massive medical advancements that will extend your healthspan is a key focus of my year-round coaching program Abundance360
Relationship Mastery: Three Secrets for Better Mental Health within the Family

Relationship Mastery: Three Secrets for Better Mental Health within the Family

Family is important, and we should be able to talk to ours about anything. But unfortunately, many of us struggle to have difficult discussions, such as those around mental health.
With many people experiencing mental health challenges, families need to make this a priority in their homes.
Money Mastery: Are you Copping out on this Crucial Skill?

Money Mastery: Are you Copping out on this Crucial Skill?

I can’t believe I have to say this 21 years into the 21st Century, but here goes: Women must take responsibility for their financial security. I am not talking about what you earn, or who earns more. I am not suggesting a partner or spouse needs to hand over all the reins.


Nelson Mandela said "there can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than its treatment of its children". Inspired by this, we formed Africa Youth Club to champion Vision 2025. This is a ten year plan to groom one hundred thousand kids to become the Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders of tomorrow. Check out this video that beautifully showcases the AYC value proposition...