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By the age of twenty two we had become very lakhi following the building of a successful multi million dollar manufacturing business that employed thirty people. Then in January 1998, we were involved in a fatal car crash in our BMW sports car that left us with an 80% brain disability.  We thought that that was the end, but it was merely a bend.

Extraordinary Entrepreneurs say that if you are going to fail, fail young and fail fast. That is precisely what happened to us. The failure of our business and the breakdown of our health was to become the trial that preceded our greatest successes, failures that we proudly wear on our arm. Our belief that failure is not the opposite of success but that it is part of success pulled us through our darkest days.

Instead of lowering our dreams to suit our reality, we upgraded our conviction to match our destiny. Despite the challenges brought on by the car crash, we read for an Undergraduate degree in Business & Banking and graduated as a Certified Banker. We then amplified this with a Postgraduate in Investments, Tax and Law, that led to us obtaining the Certified Financial Planner® credential.

In 2007, we were part of a team of Investment Bankers at Barclays Investment Bank in London that deal-made a Bond for the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority to build water infrastructure in Dubai for a Billion US Dollars. Through that effort, workmen constructing the world's tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, were able to open a tap and with the two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen that came out, satiated their thirst.

By twenty nine, we won the coveted accolade of "Runner up Young Banker of the Year" from the Institute of Bankers, and by thirty, the "Overall Best Performer of the Year" Award from the Momentum Group Limited.

As a Property Entrepreneur, our entrepreneurial acumen has yielded handsome growth for Investors. In managing a Sandton block of condos situated adjacent to Africa's richest square mile for example, we returned double digit annualized growth to investors, balanced by levy increases well below inflation for almost three consecutive years.

As a Certified Banker, Certified Financial Planner, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Family Man; we have been featured in publications including FA News, SA Banker, Independent MediaBizCommunity, Entrepreneur, Skills Portal, and People.

As the Chairman of the Canadian-founded Enablis Khula Loan Fund, our team facilitated the creation of an estimated 5001 jobs by investing in high growth businesses while returning a handsome 16.25%pa Return on Investment to Shareowners. Considering the global multiplier effect of 5.13, this means that more than twenty-six thousand people were positively impacted by this Fund and through the jobs created, people were able to care for their elderly parents and send their children to school to get a meaningful education. Through this fund, we funded among others, a successful franchise of nursery and pre-schools that tends to the daily needs of some one thousand young pearls. 

Furthermore, as a Non Executive Director of US-founded Rise Against Hunger, our local team packs over ten million meals a year to fill the hungry bellies of Orphaned School Kids so that they may obtain a meaningful education. Since 1998, our global chapters have collectively packed Five Hundred Million meals. 

Now that we have emigrated ourselves to the service of The One CEO of the Universe; our strategic intent is to empower One Hundred Million Millennials to live a more meaningful, measurable, significant and sustainable life, leveraging the award-winning, awe-inspiring and life-altering Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Success Framework.

Zeenith and I are married for more than two decades, and are blessed with two awesome adopted sons - Doctor and Mr. Chairman. We have lived in five cities on three continents.

About LakhCorp Global Media

LakhCorp is an amazing Personal Development Business. Our vision is to distinguish ourselves as the most admired Personal-development and Self-help business in the world. Through the highly desired, coveted and lustful Mi2C Success Framework, our purpose is to move Millennials from heedlessness to wakefulness, from working class to world class, and from ordinary to extraordinary. We want to empower generations to be financially independent, confident and prosperous. This is done by exploiting the Four Strategic Pillars of Success - Money Mastery, Relationship Mastery, Personal Mastery & Mind Mastery. Our values are winning with Integrity in our desire to be the Industry Leader; Leading with Fearlessness to earn our Students trust; Serve with Authenticity because we are people-centric; and Caring for each other that comes from showing Humility and respect for our Students, Employees and Society.

Some of our accolades includes representing the world's most innovative Bank, First National Bank, at various Parliamentary Committees on SME Economic Development, that saw retired CEO, Dr Michael Jordaan saying "it is individuals like you that will further help us build FNB into a great brand".

While we do not see ourselves as Disruptors but rather as Solutionists to real world problems; our business was humbled to have scooped the honor of the inaugural Accenture Innovation Index Special Mention award, that recognized businesses that leveraged differentiated techniques to deliver value propositions more efficiently, cheaper and faster.

Our Philanthropic wing, Africa Youth Club, is Championing our Vision 2025 strategy. Vision 2025 is a campaign to empower One Hundred Thousand young minds across South Africa to become the Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Leaders of tomorrow. We believe that when we develop just one child to develop a cure for the HIV/AIDS endemic that is scourging the planet, we can put that terrible affliction in a museum. Similarly, when One Hundred of these One Hundred Thousand Young Pearls grows up to become Mega Entrepreneurs, like our own Uncle Z did, and each leads businesses that employs One Hundred Thousand people, they can collectively put Ten Million people to work, and put poverty and unemployment forever in a museum. Uncle Z was a Serial Entrepreneur who built a highly differentiated business that manufactured cookies for the mass affluent and in less than a decade, was able to exit his business for 160 million bucks at the age of thirty. Naturally, Vision 2025 needs money behind it, so every time a customer buys a Mi2C product, 3.5% of the ticket sale goes to AYC, at no cost to our customer.


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