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Lakhi Energy

Since 1880, our Planet has witnessed a vertical temperature climb. This increase has been driven by carbon emissions underpinned by the burning of fossil fuels that are predominantly oil, coal, and gas. Though there has been a dramatic shift to produce renewable energy leveraging the Earth's natural sources like solar, water, and wind; renewables only make up 4% of the world's total current energy production. Though noteworthy progress has been made following the Montreal protocol of 1987 that has reversed the holing of the ozone caused by chlorofluorocarbon or "CFCs", the Kigali Accord in 2019 to reduce hydrofluorocarbon or "HFCs", and our goal to increase renewable energy production to 26% by 2040; the world is still highly reliant on energy production from fossil fuels. Furthermore, initiatives such as offsetting excess carbon emissions in the northern hemisphere by planting forests in the southern hemisphere are not sustainable as it threatens water security and livelihoods. And while there has been a global drive to move to renewable energy, reduce inefficiencies in the value chain, and electrification using batteries to power electric cars, electric busses, and electric vertical takeoff and landing or "eVTOLs"; this will not see a significant short term reduction in the quantum of excess carbon in the atmosphere.

The unique value proposition of Lakhi® Energy is therefore to remove excess carbon from the atmosphere. This is being done through our unique, authentic, and proprietary technology that traps excess carbon in the atmosphere and then draws it into our state-of-art carbon repositories, where it is then directed to the ocean bed, trees, and rocks for storage.

Our goal is to annually remove ten gigatons excess carbon from the atmosphere.

Our prototype is currently being developed, so please watch this space for more information.

For any media enquiries regarding this exciting development, you may reach us on +1 310 594 3403 or e-mail us at energy@lakhi.biz.

LakhiEnergy is the trading name of ESHAAK LAKHI (Pty) Ltd (company registration number 2021/300016/07) and is a member of the Montebellos Group. Lakhi is a Registered Trademark.