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RELATIONSHIP MASTERY - Do the Right Thing & the Right Thing Will Follow

One day we were stopped at a roadblock where cops were checking for outstanding traffic fines. They randomly pulled motorists off, and as they usually do, they targeted, marginalized, and singled out young people in fancy cars. After their routine “license and registration” drivel, they punched our identity number into a machine and were surprised that we came up clean. We even heard them whisper to each other to try it again. Other motorists looked surprisingly at us, some even with contempt and disdain. As these fellow road users rambled on indefinitely to the men in blue not to lock them up; we were out of there in a jiffy. Initially, we were a bit uncomfortable but later realized that decision to live a life of value by governing ourselves like a government using self-governance was paying off. Life got much better when we took that first step of assuming ownership of our life.

In an age where conducting ourselves with humility is mistaken for weakness and integrity is sometimes seen as antiquated; stand tall and stand by your conviction. When we do the right thing, the right thing will follow. Our money goes further and lasts longer. You may ask how this is possible, for if you have one hundred bucks to buy a basket of groceries and the prices are fixed, the number of items that you’ll get out remains the same.

But you may find yourself in the right supermarket when a flash sale just breaks, and you end up with five to ten items more in your basket because of the sale.

When we do the right thing, food tastes better, relationships become sweeter, life becomes easier, and we become happier. Again, you may ask how that is possible. As you exit the supermarket, you find yourself in a good frame of mind because you scored some great deals. You then see a sign while in traffic that says a minute of anger weakens the immune system whereas a minute of laughter boosts the immune system. You get home and start cooking, and instead of being tired and moody as you sometimes are after a long day at work, remember that sign that you read, so you make a conscious decision to relax, smile and sing around the stove. As loved ones gather around the dinner table, they pick up on the positive energies.

This, in turn, lifts their spirits up. Because of the laughs at the table, you chew your food thirty-three times, that is eleven times more than your usual twenty, and because of this tardiness, the food digests better. As you get off the table, your kids argue with you that they would like to wash the dishes. This is foreign to you because the kids loathe cleaning up, and as you figure that this is a wonderful problem to have, your Spouse pecks a loving kiss on your cheek, which makes you feel like you are walking on water. All this happens because instead of swearing and cursing while cooking, you sang and danced, that was because you were in a good mood after getting a whole of extra foodstuff at the supermarket, that was because of your decision many moons ago to do the right thing, and so, the right things start to follow. When we do this, things will come back to benefit us in the most glorious ways; perhaps not the way we want it and imagine it, but how we need it. It happens at the most critical time and crucial juncture in our lives. Maybe, just maybe, that magical evening saved your marriage, your home, and your balance sheet, all because you decisioned many moons ago to do the right thing, that came back to benefit you at the time when you needed it most.

Excerpt from Highway to Heaven, Isaac Lakhi’s best-seller. To learn more about our FREE 5day Coaching & Mentoring Challenge, click here.

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  • no one have an idea how powerful you changed peoples lives except a few.
    A man of integrity, full of humbleness, always putting others first before yourself.
    you shall always stay my mentor. the only one who paved a way for every individual. continue to shine, you such a blessing

    Samuel Moyo

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