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MIND MASTERY - Overcoming The Fear of Censure


The Fear of Censure is fundamentally born out of caring what people will think, do or say if we behave in a certain manner. If it is your desire and conviction to realize your amazing potential by becoming the extraordinary person that we know you are destined to be; regardless of the diplomacy that you exercise and the nuance that you practice, there will always be nay-sayers and those that oppose you. These can be folk that have tried, failed and given up, motivated by a belief that “if at first you fail, give up”. These could be risk-averse people that believe that nothing in life is worth fighting for.

Imagine if Sir Winston Churchill yielded to Hitler during World War II, where would the world be today? But instead, Churchill was armed by a “never say die” mindset, and instead of surrendering to Hitler, his speech “we shall fight on the beaches and we shall never surrender” inspired millions around the world and changed the course of history.

At the infamous Rivonia trial in 1963, Nelson Mandela was incarcerated to life imprisonment for fighting against an oppressive and repressive regime. But in February 1990 history was made, as the same regime that sent him to jail, caved when they realized that their abhorrent, repugnant and diabolical racist policies could not be sustained, and dismantled apartheid. If Nelson Mandela had not dedicated his life to the cause of a free and democratic country, where would South Africa be?

When he was in his pious mother’s womb, a little fetus was consistently challenged for survival as he constantly faced the possibility of death. Almost daily, his brother would position his head on his mother’s abdomen and whisper words of inspiration and motivation to the little fetus. Words like “we can’t wait to see you” and “do you need anything”. Finally after seven months and seven near death experiences, the fetus cocooned into a handsome baby and made his entry into the world. But the hardship continued; by the age of 12 months, it was discovered that the little guy had a speaking impediment. But instead of submitting to a mediocre life enveloped in imprecise speech, he was expertly coached by a diamond of a Speech Therapist called Mehnaaz Kariem. Following eighteen months of robust, exceptional and superlative therapy, this little kid went on to mesmerize audiences by confronting his fear of speaking, as he won speech content after speech contest. Mehnaaz, destined to become one of the top Speech Therapists of the 21st century, calls him Riaz. Riaz’s parents call him by his nickname, Mr. Chairman.

Instead of ostracizing, of which everyone has too much and is handed out too freely that ultimately builds inferiority complexes; Mehnaaz took a different approach. She won Mr. Chairman over, by building trust in him, and won a place in his heart with love. Instead of criticizing him when Mr. Chairman pronounced an r as a y, she corrected him through constructive suggestion. Parents may accomplish similar results with their children. Criticism will plant fear in the human heart, and even resentment, but it will neither build love nor affection.

Some people are gifted with “mental maturity”. This usually happens when we approach the age of forty. Sometimes it may happen at fifty. But instead of embracing this wonderful gift conferred upon us by The CEO of the Universe by leveraging it to inspire others and to benefit the world, we make frivolous and vexatious excuses to disguise this extraordinary gift.

Why do we, even in this era of enlightenment, shy away from denying our belief in the fables which were the basis of most of the religions a few decades ago? The answer is, because of the fear of censure.

There are consequences for brave articulation of our convictions, that is sometimes construed as controversy. But the world is in dire need of heroes. Where would the world be, had it not been for heroes like Mandela, Churchill, and Neville Martin, whose work reshaped the world and took it on a distinctly different trajectory ? Or emerging Millennial heroes like Mehnaaz Kariem and Mubeen Khan, who exploit their skill sets and use their unique propensity to change adversity into opportunity.

The Fear of Censure robs a person of

  • our initiative;
  • destroys our power of imagination;
  • limits our individuality; and
  • takes away our self-reliance.

If you would like to learn more on how to identify the signs of the Fear of Censure, how to overcome this Fear, as well as the other common fears, we invite to enroll to become a Student of our award-winning, awe-inspiring, and life-altering Mi2C Club, by clicking here.

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