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Africa Youth Club: ABSIC gets a special visit from Daytona Sandton

The following article appeared in Caxton newspapers/Sandton Chronicle on November 11, 2015, arranged by Africa Youth Club. 

KELVIN – Pupils at ABSIC School were treated to a special visit from the Daytona Brands of Distinction car dealership.

The visit to the school based in Kelvin, took place on 5 November and included a display of the sizzling McLaren 12C sports car, which the kids got a chance to touch – much to their delight.

Isaac Lakhi, on behalf of the school, explained that the purpose of the visit was to motivate and inspire the pupils ahead of their upcoming exams.

“Basically, this was our way of empowering these children and harnessing their potential to help them grow into leaders,” Lakhi said.

He added that the aim of hosting these kinds of events was to reach one million minds and encourage them to get educated.

Adding to this was Jan Mahlangu, from Daytona, who explained that the visit was a way to motivate kids to work hard and aim for more in life. “It’s a good way to encourage these kids to work hard so that one day they can have nice things, such as this sports car,” he said.

The visit from Daytona was organised by the Africa Youth Club. The Centre was founded in 2010 and accommodates 200 children from Kelvin, Marlboro, Edenvale and Midrand.

Details: For more information, about Africa Youth Club, visit www.IsaacLakhi.com/pages/AYC

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