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Hi there, Great One

Have you ever thought of getting a Personal Coach or Mentor to help you navigate, leverage, and exploit, the incredible opportunities of life, only to have found the cost to be exorbitant? Or have you wished for an expert Financial Planner, or Private Banker, to help you with your finances in your hope to achieve financial freedom? Or a Spiritual guru to help you achieve peace of mind, the calmness of thought, and contentment of the heart? Or you'd like to achieve things faster, quicker, and be more effective? What about someone to help you develop a championship mindset, overcome your fears, and avoid common failures, as you ascend the ladder of success?

The Isaac Lakhi® Mi2C Club is an exclusive gated community built for the extraordinary minds of the 21st century. Through this amazingly awesome, highly coveted, and lustful Club, members get access to our breakthrough, yearlong, Group Mentoring sessions. Our Mentoring is designed for:

  • Folk struggling with Relationships

  • People struggling with their Sexuality

  • Ambitious folk who desires to transform their lives and looking to achieve more out of life, by taking their life to the “next level”
  • People who feel a void in their lives, desiring to fill that hole with meaning and significance
  • People that feel that they have lost their way and require strategic direction

  • People struggling with loneliness
  • People trying to escape the rat race

  • People struggling with financial problems and looking for strategies to overcome their dilemma

  • People fighting depression, low self-esteem, and folk desiring to bounce back from adversity 
  • Couples desiring to start a family and require strategic guidance in building it

  • Existing families wishing to develop a healthy, robust, and dynamic domestic ecosystem

  • Folk wishing to accelerate their performance through life

  • Folk wishing to do more in less time.

Our Mentoring & Coaching Sessions are held over intimate online groups, so it doesn't matter where you are. What matters is where you would like to be. The objective of our Mentoring & Coaching sessions is to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. We want to move your life from heedlessness to wakefulness, from working-class to world-class, and from ordinary to extraordinary.  Students can select a membership plan from the following tiers:

▪︎Lakhi7, that is a monthly Group Coaching Session for twelve months PLUS additional benefits,

▪︎Lakhi77, that is a fortnightly Group Coaching Session for twelve months PLUS complimentary access to our Live Stream Workshop PLUS additional benefits, 

▪︎Lakhi777, that includes bi-monthly Group Coaching Sessions for twelve months, PLUS a week-long RETREAT in Cape Town, PLUS 1on1 Coaching where you get the opportunity to tell the world your story, and more.

We are not Therapists and we are not Teachers. We are Coaches invested in holding your hand into the future. As we have more friends in a post Covid world, we have less friendships. Therefore, you will need someone to help navigate you through life. Whether using techniques like goal setting or manifestation, we are only learning the future now. Our intent is to take you from the present into the future, and we invite you to become a citizen of Isaac Lakhi.

Membership is open to anyone, regardless of age, education, gender, race, occupation, and other stereo-typing nonsense. The only requirement to belong to this exclusive club is to have an unwavering zest, commitment, and desire to transform your life. In return for an inexpensive monthly membership fee, we'll give you access to invaluable and priceless techniques that are tactical, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-implement, which will help unleash your amazing potential. Here's what you can choose from:

  • Monthly Group Mentoring Session with Isaac Lakhi. Sessions are held digitally and are sixty to ninety minutes in duration,
  • Complimentary access to our Mi2C Digital library,
  • Access to our Chat Community, and
  • Fifty percent discount to our live-streamed Mi2C Workshop.
You can pay monthly. Or you can lock in future price increases by paying bi-annually, where we'll give you one month free. If you pay annually, we'll throw in two months, free and if you pay biennially (every two years), you'll get 4 four months free!

    ***SPECIAL OFFER*** 7 Lakhi7 Students that select our annual payment option will be upgraded to our coveted Lakhi77 Tier!

    • Fortnightly Group Mentoring Sessions with Isaac Lakhi,
    • Access to our Mi2C Audio Library, where you will receive a complimentary MP3 every month. Each MP3 is 30-45 minutes in duration. The acclaimed MP3s cover several topics, like how to become more money-savvy, build better and stronger relationships, and how to discover yourself,
    • Unlimited access to our coveted Mi2C Digital library,
    • Access to our Chat Community, and
    • Three months after graduating as an alumnus of the Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Diamond Mentoring & Coaching Club, Lakhi77 members will receive complimentary access to our award-winning, awe-inspiring, and life-altering Isaac Lakhi® Mi2C Success Framework Live Stream Workshop. Join us mere mortals for this highly coveted, lustful, and sought-after Workshop as we examine the four Masteries of Success: Money Mastery, Mind Mastery, Personal Mastery, and Relationship Mastery. Each workshop is 3-4 hours in duration and is live streamed to you over six consecutive Wednesdays. The Isaac Lakhi® Mi2C Success Framework Workshop retails for thousands, but Lakhi77 members get it for FREE.
    You can pay monthly. Or you can lock in future price increases by paying quarterly, where you'll receive one month free. If you pay bi-annually, we'll throw in two months free, and if you choose to pay annually, you'll get four months free.

        ***SPECIAL OFFER*** The first 77 Lakhi77 Members that sign up and pay their membership fees annually will automatically be upgraded to our prestigious Lakhi777 Tier!

        Do you have an amazing story that you would like to share with humanity that would enrich the world? Perhaps you'd like to tell the world how you beat cancer, or turned a fledgling business around, or how you conquered Mount Kilimanjaro against all odds? The Lakhi777 tier is purposefully built for Students that would like to do this, but don't know how.  So, we'll set up a 1on1 Session with you, and after crafting your story, we'll spread your message by including your epistle in our Workshops, Mentoring & Coaching Sessions, Blogs & Vlogs, Books, MP3s, Podcasts, Interviews, and other platforms.

        In addition to this amazing benefit, you'll also receive:

        • Fortnightly Group Mentoring Sessions with Isaac Lakhi,
        • 1x Exclusive 1-on-1 Mentoring Session with Isaac Lakhi, value: priceless,
        • An acknowledgment on our Videos, Blogs, Vlogs, MP4s and/or Books, value: priceless,
        • The option to book additional 1on1 Mentoring & Coaching sessions with Isaac Lakhi (at an additional cost),
        • What's more, upon graduation, all Lakhi777 Students receive FREE access to our FLAGSHIP EVENT, The Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Retreat,  Our Mi2C Retreat is a mind-blowing, heart-stirring, and soul-soothing Retreat that acknowledges, celebrates, and commemorates your magnificent efforts in crafting a new you, and is held from 20-27 October 2022 in the land of Nelson Mandela - Cape Town, South Africa. Our bespoke Retreat is a lap of victory that epitomizes your triumphs, successes, and achievements!  During this iconic week, you will have the opportunity to soak in the idyllic Cape of Good Hope, from its spectacular oceans and majestic mountains to an exhilarating wildlife safari and a breathtaking tour of her revered winelands,

        • Exclusive access to our 777 Call Centre,
        • Unlimited access to our coveted Mi2C Digital library,
        • Access to our Chat Community, and
        • Access to our Mi2C Audio Library.

        You can pay monthly. Or you can lock in future price increases by paying quarterly, where we'll give you 10% off. If you pay bi-annually, we'll throw in 15% off, and if you choose to pay annually, you'll get 20% off!

            Three Reasons to get in now...

            1   With other programs, the focus is on one area of your life. This creates an imbalance in other parts of your life. Mi2C however, is a holistic Money/Mind/Heart/Soul program, which focuses on Personal Mastery, Relationship Mastery, Personal Mastery, and Mind Mastery

            2   Most Self-help courses require that you travel to a hotel or a Convention Center for the event. This doesn’t make sense to us, because in the 21st century, things can be done in our pajamas! So, with Mi2C, we will awe-inspire you with our award-winning content, on your time, on your terms, and in your space. Simply log on to our exclusive, members-only live streaming from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, to get your step-by-step, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-implement solutions that will catapult your life into the next stratosphere

            3   Most courses out there are designed for adults only. Mi2C is about the future, which is built around Millennials, Genx, and our familiesso we encourage, and welcome, family participation. Studies say that 87% of Dollar Billionaires and Millionaires are happily married with more than 2 children, so shouldn’t you also be part of the booty of happiness?

              By now, you are asking who Isaac Lakhi is...

              Well, after a car crash that left me with an 80% brain disability, I went on to read for an undergraduate degree in Business and Banking, and a Postgraduate in Investments, Tax and Law. This was amplified by working for 10 years in the world’s biggest corporations, from London and Cape Town to Johannesburg and Kuala Lumpur. During this time, I also built a beautiful family. As the Chairman of the Canadian-founded Enablis Khula Loan Fund, we facilitated the creation of 5001+ jobs. Also, as a Non-Executive Director of US-founded Rise Against Hunger, we pack over ten million meals a year for Orphaned School Children.

              By now, you must be asking yourself how easy, or difficult, is it to implement the techniques from The Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Success Framework?

              Simply this: Mi2C is a tactical, easy to understand, and easy to implement Framework, which is going to take you from where you are, to where you would like to be. It takes you from uncertainty to certainty, to a world of possibility.

              An Investment in Success...

              We cannot promise that success will instantly be yours, but if you implement our step-by-step, simple, and tactical Mi2C techniques, we guarantee that you will live a more meaningful, measurable, significant, and sustainable life!

              Successful People and Successful Businesses always give back...

              3.5% of our net ticket sales go to Africa Youth Club, who are championing our Vision 2025 strategy. Vision 2025 is a campaign to empower 100 000 underprivileged kids across South Africa to become the Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Leaders of tomorrow. Naturally, AYC needs money to fund its valiant purpose, so every time we acquire a new member, 3.5% of the ticket automatically goes to AYC, at no cost to you. Check out this video that shows AYC in action.

              An inexpensive investment in Yourself comes with an invaluable Guarantee...

              There is a powerful no question asked money-back guarantee. If after two sessions you are not satisfied that you will benefit from the Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Club, we will refund you, in full.

                Mentoring fit for a President...

                After Program Directing an entrepreneurial event with a friend of President Nelson Mandela, Dr. Ahmed Kathrada, we received the following ovation from the iconic statesman: we are extremely pleased with the integrity and professionalism epitomized by Mr. Lakhi.

                ***SPECIAL OFFER*** All 7 Lakhi777 Members will go into a draw to win an Exclusive Collectors Edition Comic from the 8-part NELSON MANDELA "MADIBA LEGACY SERIES". Each Comic is graded by CGC Comics in the USA. What's more, all 7 Lakhi777 winners will then go into a draw to win an autographed LIMITED-EDITION 8th Comic.

                Enjoy the excitement of life by leveraging the simplicity of the Isaac Lakhi® Mi2C Club, by becoming a member now!

                Light & lakh,

                ISAAC LAKHI

                The World's Leading Millennial Motivator