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Have you ever thought of getting a Personal Coach or Mentor to help you navigate, leverage, and exploit, the incredible opportunities of life, only to have found the cost to be exorbitant? Or have you wished for an expert Financial Planner, or Private Banker, to help you with your finances in your hope to achieve financial freedom? Or a Spiritual guru to help you achieve peace of mind, calmness of thought, and contentment of the heart? Maybe you'd like to achieve things faster, quicker, and be more effective? What about someone to help you develop a championship mindset, overcome your fears, and avoid common failures, as you ascend the ladder of success?

Join Isaac Lakhi, and other amazing folks, us for FREE ORDINARY-TO-EXTRAORDINARY CHALLENGE, that is purposefully built for the extraordinary minds of the 21st century. Through this amazingly awesome, highly coveted, and lustful Challenge, you will learn how to solve trending issues, such as building your own personal economy, ways to retire rich, the four steps to achieve happiness, how to defeat your fears, how to overcome failures, and many more. Our FREE 5day Challenge is designed for:

  • Folk struggling with Relationships

  • People struggling with their Sexuality

  • Ambitious folk who desire to transform their lives and looking to achieve more out of life, by taking their life to the “next level”
  • People who feel a void in their lives, desiring to fill that hole with meaning and significance
  • People that feel that they have lost their way and require strategic direction

  • People struggling with loneliness
  • People trying to escape the rat race

  • People struggling with financial problems and looking for strategies to overcome their dilemma

  • Couples desiring to start a family and require strategic guidance in building it

  • Existing families wishing to develop a healthy, robust and dynamic domestic ecosystem

  • Folk wishing to accelerate their performance through life

  • Folk wishing to do more in less time

The Challenge Sessions are presented is as follows:

Where & How: Live-streamed to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and TV

When: daily, for 5 days, for 30-45 minutes per day

Time: 06H00 Chicago/Central, 07H00 New York/Eastern, 12H00 London, 13H00 Paris, 14H00 Cape Town/Johannesburg, 15H00 Moscow, 20H00 KL/Singapore/Hong Kong, 21H00 Tokyo and 23H00 Sydney.


      By now, you are probably asking who Isaac Lakhi is...

      Well, after a car crash that left me with an 80% brain disability, I went on to read for an undergraduate degree in Business and Banking, and a Postgraduate in Investments, Tax, & Law. This was amplified by working for 10 years in the world’s biggest corporations, from London and Cape Town to Johannesburg and Kuala Lumpur. During this time, I also built a beautiful family. As the Chairman of the Canadian-founded Enablis Khula Loan Fund, we facilitated the creation of 5001+ jobs. Also, as a Non-Executive Director of US-founded Rise Against Hunger, we pack over 10 million meals a year for Orphaned School Children.

        Mentoring fit for a President...

        After Program Directing an entrepreneurial event with a friend of President Nelson Mandela, Dr. Ahmed Kathrada, we received the following ovation from the iconic statesman: we are extremely pleased with the integrity and professionalism epitomized by Mr. Lakhi.

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        Light & lakh,

        ISAAC LAKHI.

        The World's #1 Motivational Speaker