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Mi2C Public Speaking


The ISAAC LAKHI® Public Speaking Framework is designed for Corporations, Governments, Businesses, NPOs, and NGOs that require an outstanding Speaker to connect with your audiences on a range of contemporary issues that will significantly enhance the value proposition of your event.

By leveraging our unique story as a survivor of a car crash that left us with an 80% brain disability, coupled by our Business, Oratory and Philanthropic skills gained in numerous cities and industries from around the world; let us inspire your audience with our authentic and unique value proposition, in the language of the world, English !

What differentiates us is that we are not driven by trying to impress audiences and event planners by being super polished, rehearsed, impeccable, successful, wealthy, flawless, unshakable, being the World's #1 Motivational Speaker using big words, looking like a million bucks, giving cutting edge information, enjoying a big following with tons of credentials, and an amazing presentation.

While we have that, the problem with all of that is this is not how we connect with audiences because they don't relate to it. When we get in front of audiences, we don't use the old speaking
model that consists of thought-based attributes. Instead, we are 
Master story tellers, using heart-based attributes when speaking. We are repeatedly booked for our essence, and not for being someone else.

Discover the NEW model of Speaking. The ISAAC LAKHI Speaking Framework is an awe-inspiring solution for high level events such as:

    Global, Continental, Country and Regional  Leadership Conferences;
    Product Launches;
    Awards events;
    Company Launches;
    Strategy Sessions;
    Leadership Break-Aways;
    Conferences for Professionals including Directors, Doctors, Lawyers, and Financial Planners;
    Sales Conferences etc. and et al
    We have 3 options - our 30 minute Signature, 60 minute Signature, and 90 minute Platform presentations.

      Our 30 minute signature talk is the acclaimed Weekend of 3 Miracles. It tells the triumph of the Human Spirit to succeed against all odds! This is a particular favorite, as it ignites the fire in teams to perform optimally, and to constantly and consistently outperform their personal bests, that many Employees and Business Leaders often relate to. Corporations love this, as it mitigates attrition, and is an excellent retainer of human capital.

      In addition to the above, our 60 minute Signature incorporates another winner - The Rules of Money. This looks holistically at the impact of differentiation in a business. It tells of how one of our Uncles, a Serial Entrepreneur, differentiated himself in his cookie-manufacturing business, and was able to exit after selling his business for 160 million bucks, at the age of 30.

      This culminates in Power Philanthropy. With the emphasis on People, Planet, & Profit; Corporations and Businesses are increasingly looking at creative ways of improving the social impact of Socio-economic Development spend. In this inspiring series, we share with audiences the power of endowment charities, where a seed planted today, fashions a tree tomorrow, an Orchard in a decade, and a robust Forest in a century, that will become the catalyst for sustainable and perpetual rewards for Donors.

       The finale is marked by The Prayer of Isaac Lakhi. The Prayer of Isaac Lakhi is an inspiring work of art that showcases the best pieces from the award-winning, awe-inspiring, and life-altering Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Success Framework. Enjoy our video below that showcases us in action!

      Our 90 minute Platform is designed for market-places that promote Personal-development and Self-help Solutions. While our 30 minute Signature and 60 minute Signature do not contain any selling whatsoever, our Platform talk incorporates all of the above, and is a Sales solution for promoters.

      GOVERNMENT/BUSINESS  US$8 500 US$8 500 US$5 000
      NPO/PBO/SME US$850 US$850 US$850


      Some of the work that we have done to date includes:

      Represented the world's most innovative Bank, First National Bank, at various Parliamentary Committees on Economic Development. This is what Dr. Michel Jordaan, retired Chief Executive Officer of FNB said: "it is individuals like you that will further help us build FNB into a great brand"; 

      Delivered a joint key-note address with anti-apartheid stalwart, and close friend of President Nelson Mandela, Dr. Ahmed Kathrada. The Conference  was attended by some 1000 Entrepreneurs and Professionals. Said Shan Balton, Executive Director of The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, "we are extremely pleased with the integrity and professionalism epitomized by Mr. Lakhi".

        We are available for speaking gigs in the following countries: USA, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Mauritius, Comoros, Seychelles, South Africa, and many more !

        The costs for logistics (flights, accommodation, airport transfers etc.), for our team of four, is for the Sponsor's account.


        A 10% deposit will confirm your booking. The balance, that is fully refundable, must be paid by bank transfer at least 7 days prior to the gig. During COVID19, our Public Speaking gigs will be delivered digitally, through live-streaming, webinars, and humagrams. Click here to make your booking.

        CONTACT US

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        Looking forward in adding value to your event!

        Light and lakh,

        ISAAC LAKHI.

        The WORLDs #1 Motivational Speaker