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MIND MASTERY :: Keys to Problem Solving

By Carly Fiorina | Our Leadership Guru

Problem solving occurs - change happens - not when you have unanimity, but, critical mass. Let’s drill down on this point.

Problems get solved when people are humble enough and empathic enough to actually collaborate with other people -- particularly, with people who are different then themselves and who may understand the problem better or differently. 

For any major change to happen effectively, people tend to fall into one of three categories: Change Warriors, Resisters, Skeptics.

Change Warriors are people who know that they can make a difference and are prepared to have an impact and make a positive change. Unfortunately, they are usually only 20% of the people who could be engaged. 

Then, there are the Resisters – or, as I often call them, the “Hell-No-I-Won’t-Go” people. Some of them actually like the status quo, often because they benefit from it. And, unfortunately, the Change Warriors sometimes spend too much time trying to change the hearts and minds of the Resisters. But, it never works. The Resisters are normally also only 20%, but are often very vocal and can be very powerful. 

Finally, there is everyone else, and the hope for real change lies here because this group is what I called Skeptics. They don’t really understand, but they’re troubled. They don’t really know what to do, but their hearts are kind of in the right place. This group is vitally important to target because change happens when Skeptics move. 

To solve problems, you don’t need 100% agreement, just critical mass. And, critical mass happens when change warriors commit themselves individually to engage in relationships with people that know the problem best and they move the Skeptics.

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