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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs refer to our Mi2C Diamond Mentoring & Coaching Club and Mi2C Retreat.
The Club is a member-based Coaching & Mentoring club. Membership is for an initial 12 months.

▪︎What happens if I want to cancel?
There's a 100% money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that you are not convinced that you will benefit from our Mentoring & Coaching after the first session, return all material to us and we'll refund all the money that you have paid within 7 (seven) business days.

If you want to cancel thereafter, just give us thirty calendar days' notice and we'll cancel your subscription without incurring any penalties. There are no long-term contracts.

If you've paid in advance, you can gift your club membership to someone else.

▪What happens if I want to continue after 12 months?
Well, this is a good problem! It means that you are really benefitting from our mentoring and Coaching. If you'd like to continue, you are welcome to do so by simply renewing your membership by sending us an email to hello@IsaacLakhi.com. 

  • What happens if I would like a private 1on1 session with Isaac Lakhi?

You are welcome to order additional private sessions with Isaac Lakhi at a rate of $175 USD per hour. If you'd like to arrange a private call with Isaac Lakhi, please send an e-mail to hello@IsaacLakhi.com with preferred dates, times, and your WhatsApp number, and if available, Isaac Lakhi will then call you. All charges will be billed to your credit card on record within 24 hours of the session and are not refundable.

▪What happens if I close my eyes, become sick, become disabled, lose my job, or want to temporarily suspend my membership?

If you close your eyes, your membership automatically terminates. If you've paid in advance, you can gift the balance of your membership to someone else.

If you become disabled, sick, or lose your job, we'd still like to coach and mentor you, because you'll really need somebody to hold your hand, so we encourage you to stay on. But if you still want to cancel, just give us 30 days' notice. When you want to come back, the doors are open to you.

If you want to suspend your membership for any reason whatsoever, like if you go on holiday for an extended time or go on a sojourn, you can suspend your membership and reactivate it when you get back. If you paid in advance, we'll simply extend the term of your membership.

▪︎How do I pay for my membership?
Firstly, don't think of your Mentoring & Coaching as a cost. Instead, think of it as a valuable investment, in yourself. You can pay through a recurring payment on your VISA card or Mastercard. All transactions go through Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure. The prices will display in your local currency, but because our global headquarters is in South Africa, the checkout will be in South African Rand. However, the final bill will still be in your local currency on your credit or debit card.

▪︎Where is LakhCorp Global based?
We have offices throughout the world. In North America, we are situated in Los Angeles. In Southeast Asia, we are in KL in Malaysia. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we are in Cape Town.

▪︎When are the coaching and mentoring sessions held, and how long is each session?

On Lakhi7, it's held on the first Tuesday of each month.

On Lakhi77 and Lakhi777, sessions are held on the first and third Thursday of each month.

Each session is 60 to 90 minutes in duration

▪If I have a critical question, what do I do?
Send all your questions to hello@IsaacLakhi.com 48 hours before the Mentoring and Coaching sessions and it will be answered during the Mentoring & Coaching session. Also, you can post your question in our live chat during the live sessions.

▪What happens if I want to upgrade or downgrade across your membership tiers?

Let's say you want to upgrade from Lakhi 7 to Lakhi77, just send us an email and we'll do it for you. Similarly, if you want to downgrade, send us an email and we'll do it for you. All upgrades and downgrades are effective 30 calendar days after receiving your request.


▪︎Who is the Mi2C Retreat for?

It is automatically available to all Lakhi777 Students.

▪︎What is included in the Mi2C Retreat?

Accommodation for seven nights in a tourist-class hotel, daily breakfast, airport-hotel-airport transfers, and activities referred to on our website.

▪︎What is excluded from the Mi2C Retreat?

Flights, airport taxes, visas, vaccinations, travel insurance, and all items of a personal nature.

▪︎Which airlines fly to Cape Town?

Delta, KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, Turkish, British Airways, Emirates, Qatar, Singapore Airlines, and others. However, this list is merely indicative and by no means exhaustive. So we recommend that you check with your airline and/or Travel Agent.

▪︎What happens if I cannot travel?

You may roll your benefit over for one year. However, if you do not exercise it then, it will be forfeited.

▪︎May my partner/child join me for the Mi2C Retreat?

Yes. However, they will have to pay their own way, and MUST attend the Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Success Framework Workshop. Children over the age of twelve are welcome to join us.

▪︎May I extend my stay in Cape Town?

Yes, you are welcome to do so, though this will be for your own cost.

▪︎Is Cape Town safe?

Yes, it is. As with all cities in the world, there are less-than-desirable places, and Cape Town is no exception. However, we always endeavor to visit safe, comfortable, and upmarket areas.

▪︎May I upgrade my membership from Lakhi7 to Lakhi777?


▪︎May I upgrade my membership from Lakhi77 to Lakhi777?

Yes, providing it's done within thirty days of becoming a Mi2C Diamond Mentoring & Coaching Club member. To do so, please send an email to hello@IsaacLakhi.com and we will amend your monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual payment.

▪︎May I downgrade my membership from Lakhi777 to Lakhi77?

Yes, you may do so within thirty days of joining as a Mi2C Diamond Mentoring & Coaching Club member. If you wish to do so, please send an email to hello@IsaacLakhi.com and we will amend your monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual payment.

▪︎Are Lakhi77 members that select an annual payment and upgraded to Lakhi777 tier eligible to participate in the Mi2C Retreat?

Upgraded Lakhi77 annual members are eligible to receive all Lakhi777 tier benefits but will not be eligible to participate in the Mi2C Retreat.

▪︎Can I swap the Mi2C Retreat for The Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Success Framework Workshop?

Yes, if you are on our Lakhi777 tier and do not wish to attend our Mi2C Retreat for any reason whatsoever, you may gladly swap it, at no cost, for a seat at a live-streamed Mi2C Success Framework Workshop, also at no cost. This offer is valid for a period of fifteen months following your graduation as an alumnus of our Mi2C Diamond Mentoring & Coaching Club.

If you are a Lakhi77 tier member, you are automatically eligible to attend a live streamed Mi2C Success Framework Workshop, at no cost. This excellent benefit is valid for a period of fifteen months after your graduation as an alumnus of our Diamond Mentoring & Coaching Club. 

Last updated on June 28, 2021