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Relationship Mastery: Three Secrets for Better Mental Health within the Family

Article courtesy of Bonitas Medical Aid
Family is important, and we should be able to talk to ours about anything. But unfortunately, many of us struggle to have difficult discussions, such as those around mental health.
With many people experiencing mental health challenges, families need to make this a priority in their homes.
How family can keep you happy
Family meeting – talk it out
It can be hard to open up, but it’s important to reach out. Don’t be afraid to initiate a conversation if you need help or if you notice that a family member is struggling.
Talking to a family member is a great way to strengthen bonds and create a healthy and open environment.
You can make the conversation easier by having it while out on a walk or sitting down for a cup of tea. Try starting the conversation with something like this: “Things have been a little hard lately. Do you mind if we take a walk/sit down for a cup of tea?”

Research shows that a family that plays together enjoys better mental health, with the risk of depression in children decreasing every time they play.
But playing is also a great stress reliever for adults. Encourage group physical activities, such as races in the yard, dancing or playing with a balloon – don't let it touch the floor!
Practice mindfulness
There are many ways in which you and your family can practice mindfulness and, in so doing, strengthen family bonds.
After dinner the family could form a circle, hold hands, and do breathing exercises together. Thereafter, individuals could share something they’re thankful for. This will help to relieve stress and encourage positivity.
It may be a difficult topic to deal with, but by creating a healthy and supportive home environment, you can help those you care about to manage their mental health.
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