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PERSONAL MASTERY: Become a Billionaire


 If you want something in your life, make a deal with The CEO of the Universe. Go and ask the One in whose hand your life is in, and He will help you. His “default” is that He loves to give. He is abundant, big-hearted, and generous.

One day, Dad was sitting with his acolytes, and one of them related an epistle to us that her child was sick on one occasion. While in the middle of a high fever, she made a deal with The CEO of the Universe that she would keep three fasts if He cured her daughter. Within hours her daughter was back to normal, and she kept her promise.

When we heard this, we also decided to make a deal with The CEO of the Universe. We asked Him to make us sustainable Multi Dollar Billionaires. We asked for “sustainable” because we didn’t want to lose our wealth within a generation or two. On the contrary, in thinking like the Elite, our vision was to pass our wealth onto multiple generations of LAKHIs.

The annual Nelson Mandela Lecture Series has seen key-note addresses delivered by Speakers such as former US President Bill Clinton, Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, and Professor Muhammad Yunus.

At one such event where Professor Yunus delivered the keynote, Nelson Mandela said, “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. It inspired us, but it also terrified us. Wealth is a double-edged sword.

When riches beckon, it is usually accompanied by power and fame. We had seen many cases where great people destined to become extraordinary were overwhelmed and couldn’t handle the fortune and fame that came along their way. Though Uncle Z was a wonderful man, he seemed to have lost his compass after selling his business for One Hundred and Sixty Million bucks at the age of thirty and became such a casualty. At that juncture, we recognized, realized, and resolved that under no circumstances was money to become our master. Instead, money was to remain our slave. We didn’t wish for our identity to be lost in the process.

But for others, fame and fortune bring out the best in them, classically epitomized by Nelson Mandela. After being released from prison in February 1990, he became a multi-millionaire and arguably the greatest man of the twentieth century. Despite his fame and fortune, he remained an incredibly humble man. But Mandela had a more excellent vision and mission. He wasn’t interested in rank, regard, and honor. He wanted his people to be free, and he wanted a better life for all South Africans.

So we discerned that our deal of a Billion Dollars was a flawed objective. It would be better to make a deal linked to a purpose underpinned by a passion because where passion goes, money automatically flows. As we looked into President Mandela’s eyes, we realized that a Billion wasn’t enough. We were thinking too small! We were limiting our thinking! We imagined that if we were at a funeral, our funeral, with eulogies being delivered, what would people say about us? How did our Billions help humanity? Would we have made a positive difference to the world the way Mandela, Yunus, Tutu, and Annan had? We figured that what counts in life is not that we lived like rich people, but the difference we made to others' lives as wealthy people. But being rich and wealthy is not the same. Being rich was having money. But being wealthy was living a richly-lived life like Mandela, Tutu, and Yunus.

We then went back to the drawing board to discover our purpose. Our purpose is to lead One Hundred Million Millennial hearts from heedlessness to wakefulness, from ordinary to extraordinary, and from working-class to world-class. When we found our purpose, we then mimicked Dad’s acolyte. We still needed One Hundred Billion Dollars, but that was no longer the purpose. The money was merely a conduit to realizing our purpose. We then set in motion of making a deal with the Universe’s CEO to keep thirty fasts over ninety days if he helped us realize our purpose. Furthermore, we decided to be pro-active by showing the Universe’s CEO how serious we were by keeping the fasts before “LAKHIs Billions” arrived.

After day ninety and thirty fasts, nothing happened. Feeling confused with The CEO of the Universe for what looked like not fulfilling His part of the deal, we remembered another statement made by Nelson Mandela that “after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” At that juncture, we realized that our Souls, Hearts, and Minds needed to be re-formatted, just like the hard drive of a computer required re-formatting when it goes to another level. But unlike a computer that does things quickly, humans need time to enjoy our Billions; we realized that our Souls, Hearts, and Minds would also need to be at a different level to enjoy our billions., Naturally, this took time. We also decided to put The CEO of the Universe “on the spot” by keeping another fast. The purpose of that extra fast was to “purify” the others. We thought of it as a case of under-promising and over-delivering on our deal!

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